Sri Lanka Grey Hornbill - Endemic Bird

Sri Lanka Grey Hornbill – Endemic Bird

About Sri Lanka Grey Hornbill

The Sri Lanka Grey Hornbill is a species of bird that is native to Sri Lanka. These unique birds are known for their striking appearance and interesting behaviors. In this article, we will explore some fascinating facts about the Sri Lanka Grey Hornbill, including their habitat, diet, behavior, and conservation status.

Habitat and Distribution of Sri Lanka Grey Hornbill

The Sri Lanka Grey Hornbill is endemic to Sri Lanka, which means that it is found only on the island and nowhere else in the world. These birds primarily inhabit forested areas, including both wet and dry zone forests. They prefer to live in dense vegetation, where they can find shelter and plenty of food.

Behavior and Diet of Sri Lanka Grey Hornbill

Sri Lanka Grey Hornbills are known for their unique nesting behavior. They build their nests in tree hollows, often sealing themselves inside the nest using mud and their own feces. The female will then remain inside the nest while the male brings her food, which they pass through a small hole in the nest’s seal.

These birds are omnivorous, and their diet primarily consists of insects, fruit, and small vertebrates like lizards and snakes. They are also known to raid the nests of other birds in search of eggs and young.

Sri Lanka Grey Hornbill - in its Habitat
Sri Lanka Grey Hornbill – in its Habitat | Image Credits:

Where Can You Find Sri Lanka Grey Hornbill

  • Mitirigala Forest Reserve
  • Kitulgala Forest
  • Bodhinagala Forest
  • Morapitiya Forest Reserve
  • Sinharaja Rain Forest
  • Kanneliya Rain Forest
  • Hiyare Forest Reserve
  • Sigiriya Sanctuary

Conservation Status

The Sri Lanka Grey Hornbill is currently classified as Near Threatened by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). This is because they have a relatively small range on the island of Sri Lanka and are facing threats from habitat loss and degradation.

Deforestation and other forms of development are contributing to the loss of their natural habitat, which could have a negative impact on their long-term survival. Additionally, hunting and trapping for their feathers and other body parts is also a threat to their population.


The Sri Lanka Grey Hornbill is a unique and fascinating bird that is native to Sri Lanka. These birds are known for their interesting nesting behavior, omnivorous diet, and distinctive appearance. While they are currently classified as Near Threatened, their habitat is under threat from deforestation and other forms of human activity. It is important that we continue to support conservation efforts to protect these birds and their habitat, ensuring their survival for generations to come.

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