Horagolla National Park – Sri Lanka

Discover the Charm of Horagolla National Park Located in the Western Province of Sri Lanka, Horagolla National Park is a small park that covers only 33 hectares. Despite its size, the park offers a unique opportunity to explore Sri Lanka's rich biodiversity and learn...

Horton Plains National Park – Sri Lanka

Exploring the Majestic Beauty of Sri Lanka's Central Highlands - Horton Plains National Park Physical Features of Horton Plains National Park Horton Plains National Park is located on the southern plateau of Sri Lanka’s central highlands. Kirigalpoththa (2,389 meters...

Madhu Road National Park – Sri Lanka

Madhu Road National Park is A Gem in Sri Lanka's Wilderness Where is Madhu Road National Park? Madhu Road National Park is located in northern Sri Lanka, roughly 25 kilometers (16 miles) east of Mannar. Madhu Road is home to a wide variety of birds. Alexandrine...

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