About: UNESCO Heritage Site
Location: Central Province | Sri Lanka
Elevation: 07°57′25″N 80°45′35″E
Build For: 349 Meters
Governing Body: Government of Sri Lanka
Utilized By: King Kashyapa from 477 AD to 495 AD
Entrance Fee: $30 per tourist

What is Sigiriya

“Lion Rock” or Sigiriya is an ancient rock fortress in the northern part of Matale District near Dambulla town in the central province, Sri Lanka. This site was selected by King Kashyapa during the period from 477 AD to 495 AD as his kingdom. He built his palace on top of the rock and decorates the side wales with colorful frescos. After the king’s death, the kingdom was abandoned and was utilized by monks until the 14th century and was considered one of the best-preserved examples of ancient city planning.

The Myth of Lion’s Rock

Sigiriya was named Lion’s Rock as the entrance to the kingdom is between lions’ paws. However, are those lions paws? Do you see a Lion Paws there?

Anyone interested search more about the mystery footprint, you are welcome. As it looks, it is a bird’s foot. If so what was that bird which symbolize the guardian of the kingdom? All those are yet to be discovered scientifically and prove to the world what it was and what has happened to that particular species.
The general belief about this bird is “Gurula” who represents the vehicle of God Vishnu. The same philosophy of Garuda has been in Asina countries and once such statue representing Garuda is in Bali. As we all know, Gods are in a different world or could be a parallel world where different frequencies are maintained. So considering the facts, Sigiriya can be considered one of the greatest myths yet to be resolved.

What did the great king “Ravana” have to do with Sigiriya?

Another view about Sigiriya was that it has been initially constructed by King Ravana around 5,000 years ago according to the Legend of Ravana. There are things that were found that were built more than 5,000 years ago and which means King Kashyapa might have used the same location used by King Ravana. The most pre-historic data proven to be older than king Kasyapa’s era and hence, we can believe it might be the palace of Ravan 5,000 years ago. The belief of most of the Sri Lankans about Ravana was that there was such a mighty king there in Sri Lanka and at that time it was called Lemuria which was considered a sunken continent. The vehicle he used was named Vimana which utilized natural power sources to float and move according to many historic data sources. There was a story that this technology had been taken to Europe when Alexander III of Macedon invade India. Most Sri Lankans believe that King Ravan used Vimana to travel around his kingdoms and the top of Sigiriya was one of his airports.

Is Sigiriya Worth Visiting?

“Yes indeed. It will definitely memorize you about the ancient civilization and its city planning, the mystery of how the water was brought up to the top of the rock, etc., and the scenic surrounding beauty that you would never forget.”
“One of the eight World Heritage Sites of Sri Lanka, Sigiriya is renowned for its 5th century pre-Christian frescoes. It has also been declared by UNESCO as the 8th Wonder of the World.”
By The Eighth Wonder Of The World – Culture Trip

Images credit: Wiki and [Garuda]

Where to Stay

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