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Kandy – Best Place to Visit in Sri Lanka


    • Dhaladha Maligawa
    • Boat Ride with Joy Boat Services
    • Udawattakele Forest Reserve
    • Peradeniya Royal Botanical Garden



UNESCO World Heritage site since 1988 and situated in the heart of the central province. It’s the pride of Sri Lanka and the prime tip of all Buddhists around the globe. Also, it conducts the world’s largest religious festival ” Esala Perahara” annually from mid-July to mid-August. The distance from Colombo to Kandy is about 122 Km and can be reached via Bus, Van, Car, or Train from Colombo.


Joy Motor Boat Service - Kandy - Sri Lanka

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Having a boat ride after visiting Dhaladha Maligawa would be a memorable experience. It’s just adjoined to  Dhaladh Maligawa and just within walking distance. Joy Motor Boat Service was established in 1968 by Mr.Eric William Kemps Kempitiya and his brother Mr. Patrick William Kemps Kempitiya.


Udawattakele Forest Reserve often spelled as Udawatta Kele, is a historic forest reserve on a hill ridge in the city of Kandy. It is 104 hectares (257 acres) large. During the days of the Kandyan kingdom, Udawattakele was known as “Uda Wasala Watta” in Sinhalese meaning “the garden above the royal palace”. The sanctuary is famous for its extensive avifauna. The reserve also contains a great variety of plant species, especially lianas, shrubs, and small trees. There are several giant lianas. Many of the small and medium-sized mammals that inhabit Sri Lanka can be seen here. Several kinds of snakes and other reptiles might be seen. Udawattakele was designated as a forest reserve in 1856, and it became a sanctuary in 1938.

The entrance fee for Sri Lankan visitors is Rs. 30, and the fee for foreign visitors is Rs. 570. (maybe a small change would be there over time)

Udawatte Kale Sanctuary - Kandy - Sri Lanka

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Peradeniya Royal Botanical Garden - Kandy - Sri Lanka

Peradiniya Royal Botanical Garden | Peradeniya-Sri Lanka

Royal Botanic Gardens, Peradeniya is about 5.5 km to the west of the city of Kandy in the Central Province of Sri Lanka. In 2016, the garden was visited by 1.2 million locals and 400,000 foreign visitors. It is near the Mahaweli River (The longest river in Sri Lanka). It is renowned for its collection of orchids. The garden includes more than 4000 species of plants, including orchids, spices, medicinal plants, and palm trees. Attached to it is the “National Herbarium of Sri Lanka”. The total area of the botanical garden is 147 acres (0.59 km2), at 460 meters above sea level, and with a 200-day annual rainfall. It is managed by the Division of National Botanic Gardens of the Department of Agriculture.

Royal Botanical Garden is the largest botanical garden in Sri Lanka.

The Top 3 Things to Do in Kandy, Sri Lanka

    1. Visit the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic, Kandy. This ornate golden-roofed temple houses the most important Buddhist relic in Sri Lanka, the tooth of the Buddha. It is the number one attraction in Kandy.
    2. Visit the Royal Botanical Garden, Peradeniya. Due to an ideal climate, Sri Lanka has been a popular destination for merchants trading spices for more than 2000 years. Visitors can find a wealth of deliciously smelling plants in Kandy’s spice gardens from pepper and nutmeg to cloves, cinnamon, and cardamom.
    3. Visit the Kandy cultural show. Sri Lanka, a country rich with culture & tradition offers a very vibrant and unique show of Sri Lankan traditional dances, in the form of Kandy cultural show. The show features a variety of traditional dances from different parts of the country and concludes with an impressive fire-walking performance.

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Kandy is a city located in the central province of Sri Lanka. It is considered the second-largest city in the country after Colombo and is known for its rich cultural heritage, ancient architecture, and scenic beauty. The city is home to the Temple of the Tooth Relic, a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the most sacred places for Buddhists around the world. The city also boasts of picturesque tea plantations, misty mountains, serene lakes, and cascading waterfalls. Kandy is a popular tourist destination in Sri Lanka and offers a unique blend of historical and natural attractions for visitors to explore.


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